Cottoning on to our new office

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The Ingot team moved into the Cotton Exchange in Liverpool in the summer of 2021. We're seriously proud of the heritage of this amazing building, which is Grade II listed.

Traders used to exchange cotton outdoors on Exchange Flags until the first Cotton Exchange building was built in 1808 on the same spot. The current building was erected in 1906 for a cost of £300,000 and was officially opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It boasted the latest technology for communicating with cotton traders around the world, including telephones and cables that linked to New York, Bremen and Bombay. Many of the original features are retained today, where trade is of a different nature but the commitment to using the latest technologies remains.

Until January 2012, the building was occupied by Liverpool's registrar's office and coroner's courts. Up to 100,000 people a year used to visit the offices to register births, deaths and marriages.

Now converted back to offices and retail units, you may find workers and their dogs wheeling down the echoing corridors as the building embraces new hybrid ways of working, with collaborative spaces and breakout areas.

We love to welcome visitors to the office so we can share how our development team works and involve clients in the process. Please get in touch if you'd like to pop in!