Air freight


Air freight

When time is of the essence, Ingot helps you create immediate bookings and airway bills to get your ULD and pallets from origin to destination as quickly as possible.

Fast entry data

Whichever airline you’re working with, Ingot ensures you have accurate, realtime information about flight schedules and capacity to complete your booking.

With the current turmoil being experienced by the global aviation industry, there’s never been a more important time to digitalise these complex processes.


Streamline your documentation

With Ingot’s integrated editor, you can quickly edit and print airway bills.

Our air freight solution pulls together different airlines’ charging mechanisms to allow you to automatically calculate the chargeable weight without needing to swap between systems.

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Help to clear customs

Ingot connects to the CCS UK clearance centre, eliminating the need to outsource your customs clearance work and thus saving money.


Manage consolidations

When your air cargo is destined for different consignees, Ingot provides the data on your pallet’s disposition and assists with accurate and cost-effective onward distribution.

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Key features

Print airway bills instantly

Integrated with world’s leading air cargo providers

Connects to CCS UK

Fast entry data at source

Create, edit and store all documents in one place

Manage consolidations cost effectively