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Ocean freight

Whether you’re importing containers from the Far East, or exporting pallets to the Continent, Ingot can help you digitalise your processes to save valuable time and money.

More accurate data

With fast entry data from source, your booking and shipment information is handled electronically, avoiding the mistakes that arise from re-keying information.

You can enjoy shorter lead times for booking your forwarder and have all the information you need, such as container number, in one place.

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Manage by exception

Ingot tracks when your box is loaded, shipped on board, due into port and ready for onward distribution, as well as all data points in between.

Rather than micro-managing every shipment, Ingot alerts you only if there is a problem. This means you can spend your time proactively managing any delays and provide updates to clients quickly and easily.

Delay alert

Confidence in timings

You want to be sure your shipment’s ETA is accurate in order to arrange onward delivery efficiently.

Ingot brings together impartial live tracking data on port conditions, congestion, weather and the speed the ship is sailing to give you confidence that your container will arrive on schedule.


Protect your profits

By tracking shipments so accurately, Ingot helps you avoid the unexpected costs that can make the difference between profit and loss on a job such as excess duty charges.

With correct timings for when your freight will clear customs, you can avoid late pick up charges. Any extra costs that are incurred such as demurrage, are logged and added to the job costing, which can be automatically converted to an invoice.

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Making documentation painless

Hours of time are lost by freight forwarders manually creating documents such as booking confirmations, bills of lading or carrier receipts.

We’ll help you standardise these document templates, automatically populate them and store them in one place, freeing your team from unnecessary admin.

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Faster customs clearance

Ingot helps with the automation of your customs declarations. Click here to read more about our customs solution.

Key features

Fast entry data from source for all your booking and shipment information

Fast entry data from source for all your booking and shipment information

Generate and send delivery notes, using leading transport management systems to transmit electronically

Integrated with all major ocean freight carriers to provide ‘one source of truth’ on bookings and tracking data

Container or package disposition information, including container numbers, haulier PINs, HS codes, SKUs etc

Manage consolidation at house and master level

Help to automate customs declarations


These are just some of the ocean freight carriers we integrate with. Booking information and tracking instructions are aggregated and complemented with external data to give you up-to-the-minute visibility across your whole portfolio.