Road freight


Road haulage

When you need to get your cargo from a port to a warehouse or distribution centre, or collected from a manufacturer, Ingot connects the dots to create a seamless journey.

Generate your CMR notes quickly

Ingot pulls in the data about your shipment to be able to quickly and accurately generate your CMR notes.

Copies of the CMR are stored centrally and details of any additional charges such as customs duties are logged.


Supply chain visibility

Ingot is integrated with leading transport management systems, giving you easy access to real time delivery updates and electronic PoD.


Manage consolidations

Whether your truck is dropping off at different locations or to one distribution point, Ingot provides the data on your cargo’s disposition to ensure efficient delivery.


Key features

Automatically generates CMR notes

Integrated with leading transport management systems

Centralised storage of documentation

Disposition data at your fingertips


These are just some of the hauliers and transport management systems we integrate with to give you full visibility of your booking, down to last mile delivery.