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If your invoicing systems feel overly complex, with hours lost to accruals and matching purchases to expected costs, Ingot can help take the guesswork out of creating accurate bills.

Accurate shipment costings

By digitalising the whole of your freight forwarding process, Ingot ensures shipment costs are correct, raises digital purchase orders and automatically converts them to invoices, without the need for manual re-keying.

Accruals or credits can be queried and nothing gets missed. Ingot integrates with leading accountancy packages such as Sage.

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Drive growth with data insights

Ingot’s reporting features provide the data that can help drive your business. Want to know your spend by carrier, shipment and container volumes or compare estimates with actuals?

Say goodbye to manual totting up on spreadsheets and hello to a full reporting suite that gives you the insights you need to improve decision making.

Save you costs min

Centralised documentation

With all the documents relating to a job stored in one place, and the ability for Ingot to take data and input it to other documents automatically, you’ll save hours of admin time and reduce the mistakes that arise with inefficient manual systems.


Faster information for your clients

With the ability to create customised dashboards for each of your clients, you’ll be able to provide them with fast tracking information, accurate ETAs of shipments and reports about their spend, providing a level of service that sets you apart from your competitors.